I want each of my couples to look back at their wedding photos and to live the day all over again. Of course, we will take beautiful portraits that will be framed on the walls of your home for decades and generations to come, but we will also take photos of the moments in between that tell the story of the day and make your wedding truly unique and special. Those are the moments that make my heart sing. 

That's my style and approach to shooting on a wedding day, but, enough about weddings... you also might want to know a little about me since we'll be spending so much time together. I'm a super easy going girl, born and raised in Florida. I'd like to think that I could make it as a cold-weather mountain girl, but I'm sure I'd last maybe a month and be right back where I've lived my entire life. I could eat popcorn every single day and reality shows are my go to. I have watched every season of project runway, yet, live my life in jean shorts and tshirts. I love to read or listen to books and am always taking recommendations to put into the queue. I love running my business. I am an enneagram 4w5 or 5w4, depending on the day. The artistic 4 in me has a deep appreciation for beauty - using photography as a way to capture colors, angles, and lines that catch my eye. Complimented by a 5's innovative way of thinking and analyzing to find ways to make my business even better.

I grew up obsessed with national geographic magazines. I would devour its pages, filled front to back with breathtaking images of vast landscapes  and  captivating culture from around the world. I wanted to be one of those photographers. 

When I travel, taking pretty pictures of the scenery and landscapes around me feeds part of that dream and weddings feed the need to document the events happening around me. I love wedding photography. It's raw, beautiful, unscripted, messy, wild, and the most perfect day all in one 8-12 hour day. They are beautiful, one-of-a-kind events and knowing that no two are alike, makes each wedding special and exciting. 

As you look at the photos on my website, you might use words such as raw, candid, real, and authentic to describe them and that is exactly my goal.

'm Erika! A digital and film wedding photographer based on the beautiful beaches of Northwest Florida, serving the beautiful 30a area to coastal Alabama and wherever around the world that weddings and events take me.


Bethany + Kyle

We loved your fun, easy energy and how you directed us and everyone around us to get all the photos we wanted and in the amount of time we had to get them done. It was very easy and you can see that in the photos. Kyle and the groomsmen personally loved how you helped give them direction on what to do. We can't thank you enough!

You came highly recommended by our venue and our planner.


I love to travel and have been to 28 states & 12 countries


I grow orchids - the stranger, the better

I have seen the musical, wicked 10+ times

I have 3 kids - 2 are in college, 1 is a High school Senior

I can play the piano

I could eat mexican for every meal

I have 2 cats and 2 dogs

quick facts

quick facts