Alyssa and Kent’s Downtown Pensacola Engagement Session

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Downtown Pensacola Engagement Session

Alyssa and Kent had the engagement session I always hope my couples will go for. They worked with their planner to bring in cute little elements of things that they love to do as a couple. From reading, to board games (apparently Kent shows NO mercy), and ice cream, this session showcased the two of them perfectly!

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How did the two of you meet?
“We really met for the first time at Blue Angels in 7 years ago. He is actually the cousin of one of my best friends so I knew who he was and our paths had crossed before, but we didn’t ever really get introduced. That day, however, we spent the whole day together. After, we both headed back to school and did not keep in contact. Fast forward to Blue Angels the next year. My friends and I had a rented a condo on the beach for the weekend and that Sunday he asked my friend (his cousin) if he could come over for the day. We spent the whole day and evening together again and this time he got my number. We texted all the time, then went on dates, then FaceTime and visits when I went back to school. It didn’t take us long to realize this was the real thing. It was really one of those situations where you can say that the best things happen when you are not searching for them and least expect it.”

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Tell me about your first date:
“Our first 3 or 4 dates (I can’t remember the number exactly) actually all happened several days in row. The first date we just met at a bar (Hopjack’s Filling Station that used to be on Scenic Hwy.) and spent the night just talking at getting to know each other. However, our second date really sticks out as memorable too. The first night, we discovered that we both love to play scrabble so the second night he asked if I wanted to go to Pensacola Bay Brewery since they had scrabble there. We spent hours talking drinking beer, and playing scrabble. This was just the first of the many games of Scrabble we have played over years.”

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How did he propose?
“On Saturday mornings it is not unusual for Kent to go get coffee and bring me back a cup. So when he did that the Saturday morning before Christmas I really didn’t think anything of it. I was still in bed when he got back, half asleep (lol), and he came and sat on the bed next to me. Also, not unusual. He began to tell me sweet things (he loved and appreciated me, etc.) and I still just thought “Aw this is sweet”, then said he had something else for me. Still not suspecting, I thought to myself “What? Like a bagel or something?”. When he got off the bed and down on one knee I was in shock. When he said “I wanted to know, will you marry me?” I hugged him tight and said “Yes!” Meanwhile he’s still got the box with the ring in his hand and after a minute or so of me hugging him and saying “I can’t believe this!” he goes, “So do you want to put it on?” lol. Anyone that knows Kent and I knows that this moment was so “us” — private and simple, but perfect.”
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Alyssa when asked about Kent: 
“Kent is my opposite in the perfect way. I tend to become anxious or overwhelmed and Kent’s calm, easygoing demeanor helps to keep me grounded. I am more outgoing and tend to be a quite talkative person (sometimes too much so), while Kent is quieter and more reserved, saying just enough. I like to take control of situations and Kent is happy to sit back and go with the flow. In almost every situation it seems like we each bring a little bit (or a lot) of an opposing characteristic and it just fits.”
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Kent’s fave things about Alyssa:
“She is better than me in almost every way, but in particular she’s kind, compassionate, caring, empathetic, loving, and understanding of others.”
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