10 Fun Ideas for Your Wedding Reception Exit

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A get asked a lot about what I like best for a Reception Exit. What do I prefer? Sparklers are the most popular, but I’m here to give you some more ideas that you might not have thought of and let you find an exit that fits you and exactly the energy you want your reception to end with.

Balloon Animal Balloons

Balloon Animal Balloons… Not shaped like an animal lol. Just blow them up and keep them out straight. This was just part of the dancing, but it would be cool for an exit too! They add pops of color and are so much fun!

Wedding Guest at Wedding a Reception Exit using Balloons

Flower Petals

Flower Petals are a great natural option to confetti. Just make sure that if you want your guests to throw flower petals, that the petals are large… think, Rose petals instead of guests throwing Lavender. Include a little greenery for a little more color variation too!
Wedding Reception Exit with Flower Petals

Cheer Poms

Cheer Poms are great! They add a little color… and are you both fans of the same sports team? Represent your fave team by showing off their colors!
Reception exit with Spirit Pom Poms


Bubbles are a lot of fun, but probably the most unpredictable exit. Will the guests blow enough bubbles? Will it be too windy? If you do decide to go the bubble exit route, a little trick is to bring a couple bubble machines to help your drunk guests not pass out while trying to blow enough bubbles. Just remember to bring an extension cord or two!
Wedding Reception Exit with Bubbles


Probably the most popular reception exit option. There is something so romantic about them. Just make sure and check with your reception venue to make sure you’re allowed to light them! I would recommend getting sparklers that are meant for Weddings. They offer them in 20-36″ and those sparklers will burn 2-3 minutes, giving you plenty of time to run through the sparkler tunnel… maybe even a couple times!
Wedding Reception Sparkler Exit

Ribbon Wands

Ribbon Wands are another way to work some color into your wedding exit or go for a timeless white.
Wedding Reception with Ribbon Wand


Confetti is always beautiful. Whether for a ceremony or reception exit, it’s always a good choice if your venue allows it. Biodegradable confetti is the most eco friendly option, like this one, this one, and this one.
Ceremony Exit with Confetti

Light Sticks

Light sticks are commonly brought out for the dance floor, but why not use the for your reception exit too! Just have the DJ/Band announce for everyone to get their light stick and head over to where you’ll be having your exit.
Wedding Reception Exit with Light Sticks

Spirit Fingers

Will your reception not let you have sparklers, confetti, or anything that might damage the property? Or did you forget to order something for your exit? Do a spirit finger tunnel!
Wedding Reception Exit with spirit fingers

iPhone Flashlights

Like spirit fingers, this is another great option for if you forgot or didn’t get your exit of choice in time for your wedding day. Everyone has a cell phone, just have them turn their flashlights on and shine them toward you!
Wedding Reception Exits with iPhone Flashlights
You may wonder why I don’t like Lavender or why Bird Seed isn’t on this list… I don’t like them for 3 reasons:
1. It gets into your eyes and mouth πŸ˜–
2. It is usually thrown in a clump or group because it’s got a little weight to it 🌊
3. Some guests will throw it at you, instead of throwing it up and letting it fall onto you. πŸ€ΎπŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ
I hope this helps you decide what kind of exit is right for you and your wedding. Remember to check into if your wedding venue has any restrictions of what you can and cannot have.